Hunger has no place in 21st century Scotland.

We are working with partners as diverse as food banks and local community food organisations, politicians and companies, to make sure it becomes a thing of the past. We are working at 3 levels:

Across Scotland

We work in practical ways to combat hunger in towns and cities across Scotland, through local partnerships. Good Food Scotland brings together local organisations – charities, community groups, schools, local authorities, social enterprises and others –to take joint action to help eliminate hunger and its root causes in their communities. Using Good Food Scotland’s framework for action, our partners implement projects including Community Food Hubs, Fuel Banks, and Pathways From Poverty.

Reduce food waste

We work with supermarket supply chains and food distribution companies to access good quality food which otherwise would go to landfill. Through our distribution hub at Threehills Glasgow, we support food projects across our network, reducing food waste and ensuring that our partners can offer nutritious meals to those they support.


We are working with the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University to measure the impact of our Threehills Project and share that learning with partners across our network. We know that however hard local projects work to support people in crisis, many of the root causes of hunger need to be addressed through national policy reform and legislation. We take the lessons and evidence from our partners about what is causing hunger in their communities, and use this knowledge to seek systemic changes that will alleviate, and ultimately eliminate, hunger from our country.