About The Club

Clyde Apollo Football Club was launched on Sunday 5th March 2023. This had been an idea which had been brewing for months previously, but it was decided that this was a relevant time to launch and allow for the groundwork to begin before the new footballing season began.

The intentions from the very beginning were to offer something different to the amateur football scene and ambitions were high from the offset. The feelers were sent out to a variety of different people with our aims, intentions and values, and the feedback we received was that the environment in which we were encouraging would attract not only players, but loyalty. 

A management committee was appointed and the hard work began, the idea was always to offer an inclusive footballing environment for everybody in many different forms, and the relationships were built and the dialog was opened to all relevant parties to make this happen. The top priority of the management committee was to ensure that consistency and transparency are always at the forefront of the club's performance and that the set up behind the scenes were set up in a professional manner.

The values set by the club are ones in which we want our culture to reflect, and are promoted at every opportunity whether it be a training session or a game by our leadership team. We will ensure that we have a reputation as a respectable club by our opponents and a club that our players, coaches and officials can be proud of. Work began early to build relationships and partnerships with supporting organisations to ensure that our players and staff can work in an environment in which they feel supported and safe at all times and encourage an environment in which everyone can thrive, regardless of ability or any discriminatory factor.

Community engagement was also an important part of the football club and has been rooted into the club from the very start. The work began in the days after the clubs launch with a local partnership with Kennishead Community Committee who agreed to allow us access to their facilities within their community hub. This gave our management committee office facilities for their treasury and secretarial duties and is a venue in which the club can use for any meetings and functions. The more we grow, we want our local network to grow also and ensure that we are giving back to our communities and we are committed to doing our part.

The ambitions at the club are sky high, and we aim to grow at every given opportunity and do our part in promoting the beautiful game in the most positive and efficient way.