First Aid Guide

1. First Aid 

A first aid kit is located: 

In each team’s kit bag

Should a member of the club require first aid treatment a first aider should be summoned by the quickest available means. NB. A qualified first aider should attend all club sessions. 

Most emergencies can be resolved by an on-the-spot response, however in the event of a serious incident, which could range from an injury or illness requiring medical treatment to a fatality, formal procedures must be in be place i.e.: 

Minor Injury e.g., small cut, graze, bumps, bruises 

Take appropriate First Aid action 

Make provision for the injured person to rest or continue as appropriate 

Record any incident or injury and complete the accident book/ forms. 

Major Injury 

Arrange for injured person to be taken to hospital or ring for an ambulance.  Use your discretion as to whether to administer First Aid.

Telephone the next of kin.

Record any incident or injury and complete the accident book/ form.

2. Contacting the emergency services 

When calling the emergency services, it is important that they are given the full information. Remember, when calling 999 for the police, ambulance or fire brigade, the ‘control room’ for these services may not be local, do not expect the operator to know where your club is located.