Safeguarding Policy for Vulnerable Adults

 1. Introduction 

Clyde Apollo Football Club is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all its members, including vulnerable adults. This safeguarding policy outlines the club’s dedication to creating a safe environment that prevents abuse, exploitation, or harm to vulnerable adults participating in club activities. 

2. Definitions 

• Vulnerable Adults: Individuals aged 18 and above who are deemed vulnerable due to disabilities, mental health conditions, or other circumstances that may increase their risk of abuse or harm. 

• Abuse: Any form of physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or neglectful behavior that causes harm or distress to a vulnerable adult.

3. Responsibilities 

• Club Officials: All coaches, staff, volunteers, and members of Clyde Apollo FC have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with this policy, report concerns, and ensure the well-being of vulnerable adults. 

• Designated Safeguarding Officer: The club will appoint a designated safeguarding officer responsible for implementing and overseeing this policy, handling concerns, and providing guidance.

 4. Recruitment and Training • All individuals working with vulnerable adults must undergo background checks and provide appropriate references before being allowed to engage with club members. 

• Regular safeguarding training will be provided to all club personnel to ensure they are aware of the signs of abuse, reporting procedures, and their roles in maintaining a safe environment. 

5. Reporting and Responding 

• Any concerns or incidents involving vulnerable adults must be reported to the designated safeguarding officer immediately. 

• The designated officer will follow the appropriate procedures, including involving relevant authorities, conducting investigations, and taking necessary action to protect the vulnerable adult. 

6. Confidentiality 

• All information related to safeguarding concerns will be treated confidentially and shared only with individuals who need to know to ensure the safety of the vulnerable adult. 

7. Communication 

• Clear communication about the club’s safeguarding policy will be maintained with club members, parents/guardians, and relevant stakeholders. 

• Information about the policy will be easily accessible through the club’s website, printed materials, and within the club premises. 

8. Risk Assessment and Mitigation 

• The club will conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential risks to vulnerable adults and take appropriate steps to minimize those risks. 

9. Code of Conduct 

• A clear code of conduct will be established for all individuals involved with vulnerable adults, emphasizing respect, appropriate behavior, and the prohibition of abusive actions. 

10. Review and Monitoring 

• This safeguarding policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with any changes in regulations or best practices. 

11. Conclusion 

Clyde Apollo Football Club is dedicated to creating an environment where vulnerable adults can enjoy the benefits of participating in club activities without fear of harm or abuse. This safeguarding policy reflects the commitment to their safety and well-being.